It’s not easy being a Christian in the medical field, whether you are still a student or out in practice. As a family physician who works largely with the uninsured, I know how spiritually exhausting this career can be. We need to be in the practice of resting in God, but finding even fifteen minutes for prayer and Scripture reading can be difficult in the midst of our busy schedules. The days and even weeks can fly by without much thought about God and what the Holy Spirit might be doing.

This weblog is an attempt to re-center my life on God, not just on the weekends when I go to church, but to be daily reminded that God is at work. My hope is that this site can be a resource, that my ramblings can be of some encouragement. It would be neat to eventually  have multiple physicians contributing their experiences to encourage us in this path. In addition to little devotionals, I’ll also put up some thoughts on common questions I get regarding the medical process from time to time. If you have specific questions, please leave me a message and I’ll try to address them, time and energy permitting.

Since people have asked me about medical school and whether or not they should apply, I’ve been writing out thoughts for some time now…and it turned into a book! Yeah, I’m not sure how that happened either. It started as just a self-publishing project, but along the way I connected with Healthy Life Press. The book is now ready for order on Amazon or the publisher’s site. It is also available for download on the Kindle or Nook. So if you are thinking about jumping on the medical school band-wagon,  and especially if you are wondering how to integrate your faith in that decision, check out the book section for more info. Please let me know your thoughts!

To serve patients with the love of Christ in a high calling. We don’t want the training and demands of this career to leave us spiritually empty, but we want to be renewed by God in order to pour out with our excess, like a “spring whose waters never fail.” This applies not only to Christians in medicine, but any believer in any field who desires to serve God. You can replace “medicine” with whatever career you are in and the principles probably will still hold true. Maybe during the day, in addition to checking your Gmail, Facebook, and ESPN, you can take a moment to browse this site and be reminded that our God is near. If you find this site helpful, please subscribe! My biggest prayer in doing all of this is to direct you to the Author of life, to receive love in order to pour out love, and do it day after day.

For God’s glory,


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7 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Hey man, I just started following your blog. I’m a med student. One of the most difficult things for me is seeing all the sick people in the hospital and wondering why God doesn’t cure people anymore. It’s tough.


    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for following and for your comment. You are right, it is so hard to see suffering like that on a daily basis, and especially when you see little kids who are sick or really nice people who are struck with terrible illnesses out of nowhere. The underlying question really is “God why do you allow suffering to exist?” The short answer I think is that God points us to His Son Jesus who entered into our suffering. That’s not an easy answer, but I’ll try to unpack that more in my next post. And as hard as the reality of sickness is, you can only make sense of suffering if God exists. Hang in there brother, my prayers go out to all of you going through the training.



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