SD visit!

Wow sorry for not updating for so long. I have a pretty good excuse though, it was March Madness. Just kidding, I didn’t even watch a single game entirely. Incidently, I was third in my church bracket. Not bad for just picking randomly.

Life has been very much different since the new year! It has been so much fun being a dad. That’s because Priscilla is doing most of the work =P. Since I am back at work now, she let’s me sleep through the night. It is crazy how fast she is growing up. Here’s a fairly recent picture, and one of my favorites!


Absolutely adorable. We’ve been so bless, she’s done so well. Just this week she went on her first overnight trip! I got invited to speak to a pre-health class at Point Loma University so we made a family trip out of it. No melt-downs or anything, she was quite the trooper. It is crazy how much we have to pack though just for one night.

It was a really fun trip. We got to spend time with some old church friends, as well as with Dr Nick, which is always an encouragement.  The day of the talk Priscilla and I enjoyed brunch at the Mission Restuarant in PB (can’t believe I never been there before), and then exercised the spiritual discipline of bargain shopping at the Carlsbad outlets.

Speaking for the pre-health class was such a privilege as well. It was so good to be with these students whose heart for patients has not been hardened by the trials of training and the frustrations of the realities of patient care. Even though I was supposed to be ministering to them, I was blessed and encouraged by them. I needed to be reminded of convictions God placed on my heart when I was in their shoes, and that I need God’s spirit to start softening my heart up again to love.

So, to the pre-health class, thank you. I will be praying for you as you continue to seek God’s calling for you. And if that happens to be medicine, I pray that God would strengthen and guard your heart as you go through your training and beyond. Dr. Choung and Dr. Buzzell, you are doing a great work. May God persevere and bring to completion the work that has been started!


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