Why I Wrote This Book

IMG_4633The official release date of the book is tomorrow! Thanks to all who pre-ordered the print copy or downloaded the Kindle version.

I realized that some of you had no idea I was working on this so I figured I would share a bit of my motivation for writing and how this process came about. I start with an apology. Part of the reason not many people knew is because I am terrible at keeping in touch. For that, I’m sorry. But also I was quite insecure about undertaking this project since I have never done anything like this, so I didn’t tell many people.

Just to preface this whole thing, I don’t consider myself an author. I have never thought about writing a book. Like I mentioned in the last post, the crazy idea of publishing a book popped into my head about a year ago during one of my first classes at seminary. I had just finished my faculty development fellowship thinking I was going to pursue academic medicine, but felt God’s prompting to invest more in my church. And so, I decided to find a flexible part-time position so that I could take some classes to be better equipped for ministry.

One of my first classes had me reflect on my life journey, how I ended up in seminary and what were the major events God used to shaped my life. Obviously, medical training was a giant chunk of my life, so much of my thoughts were focused on that. I finally had time to start working through experiences I just stuffed aside in order to get through training, but never dealt with. I didn’t realize how draining emotionally, spiritually, and physically the training process had been, and it was quite the therapeutic exercise to write out my thoughts.

So that process, coupled alongside of being asked by students and parents about how to get into medical school, prompted me to write this book about the hidden costs of medicine. I’m not sure people know what they are signing up for. Sure a doctor is a great job, but there are serious sacrifices people should consider before embarking on this journey. It is an expensive proposition and asks of you the peak years of your life. But more concerning is that medicine can consume your soul in the process if it is pursued without a regard for your emotional and spiritual health.

I hope with this book to stir up some prayerful consideration of one’s purpose in life, and what motivations are driving you to pursue a particular career. As a Christian, I believe that God has created me to participate in His kingdom work here. But the world calls out to us with many false promises that can side-track the best-intentioned follower of Christ into living a meaningless, self-centered life trying to build up a “kingdom” that will amount to nothing in the light of eternity.

I write about medicine because it is what I know. But this really applies to any career path we choose, that any training we pursue has the potential to destroy our lives  when done apart from a relationship with our creator God and out of sync with how we were created. A little dramatic, I agree. But how we choose to live our lives do have impact on not just our eternal destiny, but on the eternal destinies of the people around us.

I am by no means an expert. I am simply sharing what I have found helpful, and I hope to learn from you as you interact with the book through the lens of your own experiences. I would love to hear from you so please leave a message on the Facebook page or email me!

There’s still a chance to pre-order at the discounted price at Amazon! Kindle and Nook versions also is available.

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” Matthew 16:26.




One thought on “Why I Wrote This Book

  1. congratulations! we never know where our obedience to God and trust in Him will lead. God bless you and keep you as you follow His calling. Mary Luongo



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