Finally Finished!


If you haven’t been bombarded with my emails yet, the book is set to release October 1st! Check out the Facebook page and “like” it for a free preview! And please pass it along to anyone you think would be interested.

I think it was about this time last year that the crazy thought of perhaps writing a book popped into my mind. And the thought was quite crazy given my lack of experience in these things. My first blog was basically a collection of funny typos and the blog I was working on I didn’t post for almost an entire year. Writer’s block, I suppose.

But that thought didn’t go away, and I just started writing. First it was random stories and lessons I learned, but then it began to take on some semblance of coherence.  It has been so amazing seeing how everything has unfolded, and I’m humbled by God’s grace that I could be a part of it.

And now, one year later, with the book ready to go, it seems like the journey is just beginning. There has already been some neat opportunities for ministry that has opened up because of this book. It definitely is exciting, but it’s pretty scary too thinking about how people will respond to what I wrote, and whether or not I’m up for what’s to come.

The doubts and fears still come now and again, but I’m reminded of the little boy with the two fish and five loaves, how Jesus used what he made available to feed thousands (John 6:9). Has God put something crazy on your heart that hasn’t gone away as you have prayed for confirmation and guidance? Maybe it’s time to take a little step out in faith in that direction.

Of course I am not advocating being irresponsible so we want to make sure we have godly counselors around and that our relationship with God is right. But I think sometimes what’s “crazy” may actually be just what normal Christians living for God would do. After all, the world does say “look after yourself,” but Jesus says “take up the cross.”

I have no idea where all this will go, but I just want to be faithful with what God has given me. To those who have offered encouragement, feedback, and prayer, thank you. I would love more of that!





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