Boo to Sickness Part 2!

Ugh..achy joints, I hardly want to move. Actually it’s not from being sick anymore, I’m feeling much better. It’s from picking up tennis for the first time in almost a year. I had stopped after throwing out my back when I got a bit over-zealous in trying to relive my glory days. I really thought I herniated a disc, but it was just a bad strain. I have then high schooler Jefferey Chen to thank for that.

Earlier this week a friend who’s in town asked to play, and after playing just two days with him, I can barely lift up my right arm. I did beat him though, so I guess there’s something left. Nevermind that he just graduated the 8th grade, victories are victories.

I guess when we don’t consistently use the muscles, movements that were once second nature can become so hard and painful. Part of me wishes I can just coast off of past accomplishments and training when I was younger and expect to perform at the same level without putting in the due effort. But unfortunately, my body just continues to break down as the years tick by.

I think spiritually we can fall into this trap as well, thinking we can ride the energy and growth of our years soon after conversion. For many, college is that time when one’s faith and passion really takes off being around so many other believers seemingly “on fire” for the Lord. Unfortunately there is a falling out after graduation when people are out of that environment.

We can’t rely on the past to maintain a vital, fresh relationship with God today. Let’s go back to the basics, exercising our faith muscles daily through the spiritual disciplines. And let’s make sure to be balanced, giving attention to all the different aspects of our spiritual life, whether taking in the Word, prayer, evaneglism, fellowship, and worship to name a few. Otherwise we might end up like this guy.

Which spiritual discipline would you like to see more of in your life?

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