Mother’s Day Thoughts

Just a couple of memories that popped up over Mother’s Day weekend:

I remember before she went to bed she would leave out peeled fruits by the computer for me to eat after I got back late from Friday night fellowship because I would never eat fruit if I had to peel it on my own.

In high school she was the “cool” mom because while chaperoning our orchestra trip one time she let us watch “Pulp Fiction” on the bus.

When I was in college at UCLA she would offer to drive me back to school even though I could have gone with friends who went to UCLA. I asked her one time why she would waste her time, especially since I could have gotten a ride with people who were going there anyway. She said because she liked to spend the extra time with me.

To my mom who raised two boys in a foreign country while dad was working in Taiwan, thank you. It has not been easy, I love you.


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