Book Title Help!

Hi all!

Here’s a book update. I’m in the middle of doing some revisions as it is being formatted. I’m revisiting the title and wanted to ask for some input! I’m thinking of changing the current working title of …

Worth the Cost? Reflections on Wealth, Health, and Christian Discipleship


Worth the Cost? Becoming A Christian Doctor Without Losing Your Soul

My goal is to have the readers consider the costs of medical education. And not just the cost of tuition, time commitment, and amount of work, but the cost to one’s soul if pursued for the wrong reasons. I hope to challenge readers to consider the cost of discipleship with Christ, to be willing to pay that cost first (and why it is worth paying that cost) before entertaining big ideas of serving God with medicine (or any field for that matter).

After one makes that choice to put Christ first, the next question is how can we live now in order to be effective in God’s kingdom instead of getting stuck chasing after the American Dream trying to fulfill our own desires. That’s the book in a nutshell!

Let me know your thoughts. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks and I appreciate all the prayers so far. Please continue to pray! Click if you like to learn more about the project.

4 thoughts on “Book Title Help!

  1. I’m a little uncomfortable with the “losing your soul” part. What about something like “counting the cost: serving God or serving medicine”


  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Maybe something like “Becoming a Doctor Without Neglecting Your Soul”? It takes a little of the edge off but I did want to hint at some of the spiritual pitfalls in medical training. I’ll keep working on it!



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