Sermon Feedback/Discussion – Discipleship Living in Action

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Again I would like to invite you to interact with the sermon this past Sunday as well as give you an opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions. I would even love to just hear how you were challenged by the sermon. If you would like the written transcript, message me and I can send it to you.

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Sermon Recap: Luke 16:1-13 Discipleship Living in Action

Disciples of Christ have an allegiance solely to Christ and live for kingdom purposes.

Jesus gives an example of this type of single-minded living in the parable of the shrewd manager.

The manager is commended for acting shrewdly in giving discounts to his master’s debtors, at the cost of his master.

Jesus is commending not the immoral action, but the manager’s mindset. The manager knows judgment is coming and so he does everything he can to maximize his future well-being with the remaining time and influence he has as the manager.

In the same way, judgment is coming for all and we will have to give an account for all that we have been given. Jesus’ exhortation here is that we would spend our remaining time, using to the max all that we have been given, in such a way to further God’s kingdom plan, ensuring our entrance into heaven.

Application: We are to use our worldly wealth*, our abilities, and our influence strategically and intentionally to further God’s kingdom.

*Note: The passage is mostly about how we handle worldly wealth, and in particular carrying out God’s heart by using wealth for the service of those less fortunate. Since we have talked a lot about our use of money in previous sermons, I focused more on the application of using our abilities and influence to maximize God’s kingdom.

If you missed the sermon (we missed you!) and would like to listen to it, you can look it up on our podcast below for free. It is usually uploaded within a few days.

SBECC Kairo English Ministry Podcast

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