Sermon Feedback/Discussion – 3 C’s of Discipleship

Hi church family!

A lot of times after I give a sermon, I’m not sure how it is received. I never really hear how the sermon impacts your lives. I want to interact with you all more about my sermons so I thought maybe I would give this a try. If you have any questions, comments, or any kind of feedback, please leave me a message and we can start a dialogue! Hopefully this will help me to connect better with where you are all at, to know how to pray for you, and to improve on future sermons. If you would like the written transcript, message me and I can send it to you.

Note that if you leave a comment, it will be visible to anyone who visits so if you want to share something just with me, go ahead an email me at I really want to hear from you!

Just a quick summary of today’s points: Luke 14:25-35, The Three C’s of Discipleship with Jesus

1. The call to discipleship is universal: All believers are called to be disciples of Christ and to make disciples of Christ.

2. The cost of discipleship is all-encompassing: Jesus demands not just our outward allegiances (to parents, friends, spouse, children, etc), but also our inward allegiance to ourselves (deny ourselves, our dreams and ambitions)

3. The commitment to discipleship is life-long: Discipleship is not just a one-time decision, but a life-style change and a faithfulness until the end.


1. We need to bring the whole message: When we share the Gospel, we share the blessings and also the costs involved.

2. We need to be in it for the long haul: Maturing in Christ is a process that happens through relationships and over the span of years.

I hope you were challenged and blessed. I pray that all of us, including myself, will continue to hold fast to Christ and grow in our love for God and others.

If you missed the sermon (we missed you!) and would like to listen to it, you can look it up on our podcast below for free. It is usually uploaded within a few days.

SBECC Kairo English Ministry Podcast

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